Health Check – Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Sessions

Assam (West Bengal)

The session will focus on improving menstrual hygiene practices among the girls and women from the lower income group across North East.

There is a diversity of cultural/social perspectives that determine whether issues are considered open, private, or a secret as every individual shares’ different values. For society and communities in general, menstruation and menstrual hygiene usually is a secret that they speak about to very few. This practice leads to a misinformation, stigma, fear and exclusion.

Through our Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Session, we aim to improve the understanding among women and girls about healthy menstrual hygiene practices, and how poor hygiene can pose risk to their reproductive as well as overall health. We will promote the use of alternative menstrual materials that are available in the market and how they can be cheaper as well as healthier and safer options for them.

We also aim to help girls and women understand that menstruation is a natural physiological process, which determines the good health of a women’s body.