“Teacher Empowerment Program”

by Tata Class Edge & Kia Foundation


The Tata Group has over 25 years of international experience in the space of e-learning. It is with this rich experience in digital education that Tata ClassEdge has come up with an innovative and comprehensive instructional solution that empowers teachers to teach better, with an effective blend of curriculum-mapped classroom activities and multiple types of digital assets.

Tata Class Edge are pleased to inform that we have introduced 9 teacher empowerment training modules (Pedagogy training) to support the teachers in their quest for teaching excellence. It is our constant endeavor to train and empower teachers who play an important role in bringing out the best in every student. Empowered teachers bring more to the table than just information. They bring out the passion in learning new things, evoke interest in the subject, kindle the curiosity of the mind, provoke the adventurous spirit lying within, help the student build right relationships and much more. They actively seek to develop themselves personally so they can authentically reach their students. Additionally, they realize that in order to know, articulate, and act according to their professional beliefs, they must continually work on their craft. These modules are designed in the form of workshops and will thus enable the teachers to quickly understand and effectively implement the tools and techniques in their classrooms.

Kia Foundation will be partnering with Tata Class Edge’s ‘Teacher Empowerment Program’ and reach out to schools across Maharashtra with these comprehensive instructional solutions that aims to equip school teachers to upgrade.